Snippet (The Drawings) #3

Blooming with a big, fat smile.... 😄😄😄😘😘😘 © priaranderi


Snippet #5

Imagine a world, without mobiles or any electronic objects. Without any work on your hands or offices but only the material objects you see today like the buildings, skyscrapers, malls, gardens, offices and all. And you having plenty of time in your hands. How that would be? Will you feel empty? Angry? Boring? Invigorating? Fresh? … Continue reading Snippet #5


This rain, crying with my irritation, interrogating my choices. The choices which led me to this moment, are enough to make me weep. Even sunny days feel neglected, with all the energy of ignorance and embarrassment. Filled with desperation, transforming you into someone else. This is the test, where you choose to give up or … Continue reading Lonely.


Enchanted With Crayola Markers & Pip-Squeaks and Camel Artica Plastic Crayons - 24 Shades. Inspired from @planetfervor post of a forest of Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala, Mexico from Instagram. © priaranderi