The Antagonist

These lines above are from one of my poems called, "The Antagonist", which is about two sides: you and your opponent; this opponent could be anyone-your enemy, your target etc. And you both are fighting against each other; you trying to overcome your difficulties or trying capture your target or defeat your enemy and at … Continue reading The Antagonist

Musings #5

Wanted to post something, and this became an impromptu late night post. I only came up with one word related with Happiness. Sacrifice. It's easily achieved but we normally don't look into those places and we're somehow into this thinking that Happiness is tough to get. It's easy and tough both. I also think, Happiness … Continue reading Musings #5

India’s 74th Independence Day

I love my India. Not because of great leaders who were greater than life, or changed the vision to see life. But because of its diversity, culture, indigenous existence, despite having numerous ritualistic or stereotypical boundaries, which I think we often face than any other countries do. India is addiction of Fafda-Chutney, Barfi, Soan Papdi, … Continue reading India’s 74th Independence Day