Calligraphic Letter

Trying my hand in calligraphy or more like... writing with finesse after umpteenth attempts and erasing till my eraser lost its edge...πŸ˜‚So, I decided to begin by writing a letter to me...😊😊😊And also, well, something new, after a while.... To get in touch with me, check out @priyaranderi on IG for more! an entity of … Continue reading Calligraphic Letter

Black and Orange Flycatcher

Black and Orange Flycatcher Black & Orange Flycatcher done with Apsara Matt Magic 2.0 Extra Dark Pencil, originally photographed by @raghunst on Instagram.Did this without my glasses and without any mistakes this time and a complete no filter image posted on Instagram. Still regretting not using a drawing paper for this but... undecided incidents always … Continue reading Black and Orange Flycatcher

India’s 74th Independence Day

I love my India. Not because of great leaders who were greater than life, or changed the vision to see life. But because of its diversity, culture, indigenous existence, despite having numerous ritualistic or stereotypical boundaries, which I think we often face than any other countries do. India is addiction of Fafda-Chutney, Barfi, Soan Papdi, … Continue reading India’s 74th Independence Day